English Lesson: Talk About the Weather

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I had a conversation like this the other day:

 Michael: Hi Taka, how’s it going?
 Juwon: Pretty good. It’s a fine day outside.

Juwon’s answer got me thinking. For me, a fine day would be sunny, about 70°F (21°C), and no humidity. Let me give you a few expressions you can use to talk about the hot, summer weather we’ve been having.

It’s a scorcher out there!

Scorch means to burn and we use scorcher to mean it is very hot and humid. When you speak this sentences, put stress on the word scorcher  → It’s a scorcher out there.

It’s hot as hell out there!

Hell very hot, and if it is hot as hell, then it is very hot outside! When you speak this sentences, put stress on the words hot and tell  →It’s hot as hell out there!

It’s the three H’s out there!

The three H’s are Hazy, Hot, and Humid. When it is very humid, there is a lot of moisture in the air. Thus, when you try to look a far distance away, the scenery is not clear. That is hazy. Haze is similar to fog, but fog is a cloud that is on the ground. Hazy is “cloudy” air due to humidity.  The weather reports often mention the 3 H’s.

So there you have it. Try to memorize these three expressions and use them! Stay cool, ok!



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