English Lesson: Countable Vs Uncountable Nouns II

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Let’s continue our discussion of countable and uncountable nouns. Today, we will look at how to talk about quantity of these nouns.

Countable Nouns

Countable nouns are as the name says – nouns you can count. We can talk about an exact number of these because we can count them. Here are some examples:

  • My sister has two cats.
  • There are three apples on the table.
  • I found two good books on English today.

You can also use a few, several, many, and a number of with countable nouns:

  • She put a few pens in her bag.
  • Several months have passed since I started this blog.
  • There are many vegetables in this soup.
  • A number of flags were hung from the building.

Uncountable nouns

Uncountable nouns represent things that we cannot count individually.  While we can’t talk about an exact number of these, we can show approximate amounts. Here are some examples:

  • Frank has a little time today, so we are meeting for coffee.
  • They just bought the house, so they don’t have much furniture yet.
  • There is a good deal of water in that bucket, so be careful.

Remember! A little, much, and a good deal of can only be used with uncountable nouns.

Counting Both

Both countable and uncountable nouns can be talked about using any, all, a lot of, most, no, plenty of, and some

  • Do you have any pencils?
  • Do you have any time?
  • At the airport, all bags will be x-rayed.
  • At the airport, all luggage will be x-rayed.
  • There are a lot of cars on the road this morning.
  • There is a lot of traffic on the road this morning.
  • Most pop singers work very hard
  • Most pop music is recorded using computers.
  • No animals are allowed in that room.
  • There is no furniture in that room.
  • When you take the exam, you should bring plenty of pencils and erasers.
  • Before the exam you should have plenty of sleep.
  • In the office, some jobs take a long time.
  • In the office, some work takes a long time.

There are some good books and websites where you can find lists of countable and uncountable nouns. It is a good idea to try and memorize these words in sentences, like the examples above. Thanks for studying today.