English Lesson: Saying Thanks

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Thanks so much to everyone for studying English with me here at Happy English. I appreciate your comments and emails, and of course I want to thank you for your time. In English when we say thank you, there are two ways we can thank someone. Let’s look at this topic today!

First up, you can thank someone for something. You can use thank you, or the more casual form, thanks. We can thank someone for something like this:

  • Thank you for your time.
  • Thank you for the birthday gift.
  • Thanks for the coffee. It’s really delicious.

Next, you can thank someone for doing something. Here too, you can use thank you, or the more casual form, thanks:

  • Thank you for studying with me.
  • Thanks for spending time with me last night.
  • Thank you for working hard today.

So to summarize, the structures are like this”

  • Thank you for + something. Thank you for the hat.
  • Thank you for + Ving. Thank you for giving me the hat.

Well, thanks for reading. Remember, you can always send me a message with your suggestions and requests for a one-point lesson!



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