English Lesson: Location & Directions Part I

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Someone asked me if I could teach a lesson on giving directions. Giving directions around town is related to talking about location, so let’s talk about location first! Have a look at the map above and then read today’s lesson:

In the USA, every street no matter how big or small has a name. Each building on the street is given a number, and the numbers go in order. The odd numbers (211, 213, etc) are on one side of the street, and the even numbers (212, 214, etc) are on the other side of the street. So as you can see in the map, the address of the bank is 212 57th Street. We use at when we talk about the whole address, and on when we just mention the street:

Location (address & street)

  • The bank is at 212 57th Street.
  • The bank is on 57th Street.

When you want to talk about the location without saying the address, you can do it this way:

On the corner of

  • The bank is on the corner of 57th Street and 6th Ave.
  • The book store is also on the corner of 57th Street and 6th Ave.
  • The supermarket is on the corner of 57th Street and Broadway.

Next to

  • The book store is next to the shoe store.
  • The shoe store is next to the pet shop.
  • The supermarket is next to the bank.

Between [A] is between [B] and [C]

  • The shoe store is between the book store and the pet shop.
  • The parking lot is between the bank and the supermarket.

Across from (or) Across the street from

  • The book store is across from the bank
  • The supermarket is across the street from the bank

Down the block from

  • The book store is down the block from the pet shop.

For practice, using as many of the ways to describe location, write at least five sentences to describe where the pet shop is. If you want me to check your work, write the sentences in the comment box or send me a direct message here.

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