English Lesson: Shopping Vocabulary

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Do you like shopping? I like to shop when I travel and since the summer travel season is here, I thought we could take a look at some English vocabulary and expressions related to shopping.

When you walk into a store, they have many goods and items for sale. When something is for sale, it means you can buy it. When something is on sale, it means the price is discounted. Compare these two sentences:

  • Shoes are for sale in many different stores in the mall. There are many stores to buy shoes
  • Shoes are on sale in many different stores in the mall. Many stores are offering discounted prices on shoes.

When the store discounts several items, they are having a sale:

  • Macy’s is having an Independence Day Sale. Everything is 20 to 40% off .  Sometimes, items may be marked as final sale. In this case, you cannot return or exchange the item you bought.

Here are some more examples:

  • Do you like my hat? It was on sale.
  • I got this computer on sale for $400.
  • I want a new watch, but I’ll wait until they have a sale.

If you buy something, but then decide later that you don’t want it, you can return it or exchange it. Of course, this depends on the store’s policy.

  • These jeans don’t fit, I want to exchange them I want to return these and get another pair of jeans.
  • These jeans don’t fit, I want to return them I want to return these and get my money back..
  • Can I have a refund? Can you please return my money if I return this item?
  • Sorry, this item was final sale, so there are no refunds.

If you are shopping for clothes and you want to check the size and fit before buying something, you can try it on. The structure of this phrasal verb is try something on or try on something or try it on:

  • Can I try on this shirt? or Can I try this shirt on?
  • Where can I try it on?

Lastly, and maybe most important, we go shopping. We do not go to shopping. Please be careful!

  • I go shopping every weekend. Not, I go to shopping every weekend.

Well, I am going to finish up here. Thanks for studying today and feel free to send me your comments, requests and suggestions!



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