English Lesson: Fun Vs Funny

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I went to Astroland in Coney Island last week. It was so fun. I always have fun at amusement parks, especially if they have a roller coaster. Roller coasters are really fun, especially the old, wooden ones. They also have some interesting attractions at Astroland. One of my favorites is the clown-dunk. Let me explain. There is a cage and in the cage is a small pool and sitting over the pool is a very funny clown. The clown says funny things and sometimes rude things to the customers. The customers throw balls at a target. If they hit the target, the funny clown gets thrown into the water. It’s a lot of fun!

Today we will look at fun and funny. These two words can be confusing and used incorrectly. Do you know how to use them? Take a look at the paragraph above and then check out today’s lesson:

When something is fun, it is enjoyable. You have a good time when you do something that is fun. There are four ways you can use fun. You can say that something is fun (1), and you can say that you have fun somewhere (2) or have fun doing something (3). You can also have fun with someone (4). For example:

  1. Astroland was so fun!
  2. I always have fun at amusement parks.
  3. Jane has fun playing tennis with her friends.
  4. Brad is having fun with his friends tonight.

Be careful! We do not say, “I was fun” If something is fun, and you want to talk about your experience, you can say, “I had a good time:

          A: How was the amusement park?

          B: Oh, I had a good time. Not, I was fun.

When something is funny, it makes you laugh. That is the difference between fun and funny. While fun means enjoyable or enjoyment, something or someone that is funny makes you laugh:

  • That comedian is pretty funny!
  • My friend Ed is really funny. He tells great jokes.

When you see someone laughing, but you are not sure why they are laughing, you can ask them:

  • Hey Joe! What’s so funny?

Funny is also used to mean strange or odd when we use “sense” verbs (smell, taste, look, feel, sound, seem).

  • This milk smells funny. Maybe it is outdated.
  • Does this hairstyle look funny to you?
  • The pizza there tastes funny. I would pass on it if I were you.

So, did you have fun with today’s lesson? I hope it was fund and it doesn’t seem too funny! Thanks for reading, and feel free to suggest a topic for a one-point lesson!