English Lesson: 3rd person “s”

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As you know, I live in New York. Most of my family lives here too. In fact my sister lives just ten minutes away from me. She lives in a very convenient location. I think we live in an interesting place. New York is interesting because of the people. They come from all over the world and they live here. People say it is a “melting pot.” I am sure you live in an interesting place too. My cousin does too. She lives in LA, another really interesting city.

The third person “s” seems to be the one thing that students of all levels seem to easily forget about. When I say the third person, I mean “he,” “she,” and “it.” When we talk about a “he,” “she,” or “it” in the simple present tense, we need the “s.” Take a look at the paragraph above, and then read the next section of today’s lesson:

Here is a simple way to remember this:

1. Choose a verb, any verb. (I will choose “love”)

2. Write the following sentences on a card (using your verb):

  1. a.       I love you
  2. b.      You love you
  3. c.       He/she/it loves you

3. Put the card in a place where you will see it everyday, like on the mirror in the bathroom.

4. Read the three sentences everyday.

It sounds strange to native English speakers to hear someone say, “My sister live in New York.” I hope this little exercise is helpful for you to remember this important and often forgotten part of English → My sister lives in New York!  



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