English Lesson: Using “Like”

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I think that by now, everyone knows that I like pizza. I like it very much. My wife says I like it too much. I like to eat thin crust pizza. There is one pizzeria I like to go to in Soho called Lombardi’s. There is no other pizza in New York like Lombardi’s pizza. I don’t know if is like real pizza from Italy, but it is very good. Are you like me? Do you like pizza too?

The word like has a few different uses in English. Do you know how to use them? Take a look at the paragraph above and then check out today’s lesson:

Like is a stative verb. Stative verbs show a state or condition, as opposed to an action. Some other examples are love, remember, imagine, etc. These verbs are not used in the progressive form:

  • I like pizza. Not, I am liking pizza.
  • I love you! Not, I am loving you.

Note that for the past ten or so years, the fast food giant MacDonald’s has used “I’m lovin’ it” as their marketing catch phrase. Of course, this is not correct English grammar, but because it is not, it has been a very effective marketing tool for them!

Like has to be used with an object. For example:

Jack: Do you like pirates?
Angela: Yes, I like them. Not, Yes, I like.

When we talk about things we enjoy doing, we use like + Ving. It is also possible to use like+to+verb

  • I like singing or I like to sing but not, I like sing.
  • Jenny likes shopping (or) Jenny likes to shop.
  • Frank likes waking up early (or) Frank likes to wake up early.

We can use would+like+to+verb or would+like+object can also be used as a polite way to ask for something we want, and for polite invitations/offers.

Waiter: Yes sir. May I have your order?
Tommy: Yes, thanks. I’d like to have the grilled salmon (or) I’d like the grilled salmon.

  • Would you like to go to a club tonight?
  • Would you like a cup of coffee?

Like is also used as a preposition to show similarity:

  • Brenda is just like her mother = Brenda is similar to her mother.
  • This alligator steak tastes like chicken = The alligator steak has a taste similar to chicken.

Be careful not to confuse the two forms of like:

  • I think I like you = I enjoy being with you and I am happy we are friends.
  • I think I am like you = I think my personality is similar to yours.

Well, I hope you like my lesson today. I think it is not like any other! By the way, do you like pizza?



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