English Lesson: Gerunds Vs. Participles

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Exercising is an important part of staying healthy. While some people enjoy exercising in a gym, I prefer walking. It’s because I don’t like exercising in a hot building. I like to walk on the beach or in the park. I find enjoying nature while exercising makes the time pass quickly…and more enjoyably! When I was walking this morning in my neighborhood, I saw a barking dog. He wasn’t barking at me, thank goodness. Maybe he was barking because someone disturbed his nap. Like the old saying goes, let sleeping dogs lie.

Today we will have a look a the difference between gerunds and participles. Basically, gerunds are the ing form of verbs which function as nouns, and participles are the ing form of the verbs which function as adjectives.  Read the paragraph above and see if you can find the gerunds and participles. Then, check the examples below.

A gerund is a Verb-ing that works like a noun. Here are some examples:
Exercising is an important part of staying healthy.
• My wife always complains about my snoring.
• George got in trouble for napping in his office.

A participle is a Verb-ing that works like a adjective. Here are some examples:
• You shouldn’t disturb a sleeping dog.
• There was a crying baby on my flight to New York.

There are other uses for gerunds and participles, and we will look at those uses in a future lesson.
Do you like to exercise? Do you like exercising in a gym? What do you do you keep healthy.