English Lesson: So Vs. Such

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It’s been raining all week. Everything is so wet. All of this rain every day is such a nuisance. There was such a mess everywhere. I am so tired of this terrible weather. I wish it would stop. Does it rain a lot where you are? Today we’ll continue talking about confusing words by looking at so and such.

So is use with adjectives. The structure is [so] + [adjective]
In this case, the meaning of so is “very.” Here are some examples:

  • I was so tired after working out today I feel asleep at 9PM.
  • That movie was so exciting!
  • Bob is so nice, everyone likes him.

Such is used with adjectives and nouns. The structure is [such] + [adjective] + [noun] In this case, the meaning of such is also “very.” Here are some examples:

  • I had such a tiring workout today I fell asleep at 9PM
  • That was such an exciting move! I’m glad we went.
  • Bob is such a nice guy. Everyone likes him.

Be careful! Sometimes people confuse so and such, so remember to say…

Bob is such a nice guy. Not Bob is so nice guy.
New York is such an exciting city. Not New York is so exciting city.

Well, I think this was such an easy lesson for you that found it so easy. Yes? It wasn’t so difficult, was it? Thanks so much for reading. If you have a suggestion or request or a one point-lessson, feel free to let me know!