English Lesson: Wish Vs Hope

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Wish and hope have similar meanings. Today we will look at the differences.

Wish is most commonly used in imaginary situations:

  • I wish I had a cat ← I don’t have a cat, but I want one.
  • I wish Jane was here ← Jane is not here, but I would like it if she was here.
  • I wish I were a millionaire ← I’m not, but I would like to be one.

Hope is used to indicate a desired outcome for real situations

  • I hope it doesn’t rain today← The forecast says rain, but I would be happier if it did not rain.
  • I hope the train comes on time. ← The train is often late, but I would be happier if it did not come late today.
  • I hope the exam is cancelled. ← There is a possibility that the teacher will cancel the exam, and I would be happy if he did so.

I hope this is helpful. So..do you wish for a pet? or fame? or….? What do you wish for?