English Lesson: Bored Vs. Boring Take 2

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So this came up in a lesson today and I thought I would share it with you guys. Hopefully you’ll find this to be a helpful way to remember the difference between bored and boring, excited and exciting, etc. If you havn’t see it yet, check out my bored vs boring lesson here which has the details of this language point. Here today I want to just show you a different way of looking at the topic.

  • Words ending in ed represent feelings: bored, excited, interested, etc.
  • Words ending in ing represent the reason or cause of those feelings: boring, exciting, interesting, etc.

Edward is a man’s name, and Ed is the nickname for Edward. Ed is a person. People have feelings, so Ed is a feeling. Words ending in ed are feelings.

Another way to practice this is to use both words in a sentence, using this pattern → [something] is ING, so I am ED

  • The party is boring, so I am bored.
  • The movie was interesting, so I am interested in it (remember, we say interested in something).
  • The roller coaster is exciting, so I am excited to ride it.

Ok, so good luck and study this lesson so you can master this point. I know it is confusing, but I hope I have made you less confused. Feel free to comment here on this or any other lesson.