English Lesson: Me Neither! Me Too! I Don’t Either! Neither Do I

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Have a look at these conversations:

  • Joe: Do you like pizza?
  • Bob: Yes I do. And I like pasta.
  • Joe: I do too. But I don’t like olives.
  • Bob: Me neither. And I don’t drink wine
  • Joe: I don’t either.

It can be a little confusing using such phrases as me too, so do I, me neither, etc. Have a look at the chart below. When talking about likes and dislikes the response you use depends on if you agree or disagree with the statement:


I agree

I disagree

I like pizza Me too I do to So do I I don’t
I don’t like pizza Me neither I don’t either Neither do I I do

Points to remember:

  1. When you agree to a positive statement (I like pizza) use me too, I do too, or so do I.
  2. When you disagree to a positive statement (I like pizza) use I don’t.
  3. When you agree to a negative statement (I don’t like pizza) use me neither, I don’t either, or Neither do I.
  4. When you disagree to a negative statement (I like pizza) use I do.

I hope this was a helpful lesson. Do you like it? I do! Do you like pizza? Let me know.