Studying Idioms is a Piece of Cake

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I love cake, especially chocolate cake. With chocolate frosting. But, alas, I am not here to discuss dessert with you, my friends. You clicked to learn idioms and today’s idiom is a piece of cake. That’s the idiom! Got it? Very easy…

When something is a piece of cake, it is very easy. For example

  • Joe is pretty smart in math, so the accounting course was a piece of cake for him!

When we are having a conversation with someone we can let them know something is easy by saying, “It’s a piece of cake!” or just, “piece of cake” like this:

  • Ted: Bob, can you handle carrying those books by yourself?
  • Bob: Sure Ted. Piece of cake!
  • Jane: How did you do on the English test?
  • Sue: It was a piece of cake!

So how was today’s lesson? A piece of cake? What school subject is a piece of cake for you?