English Idiom “Throw someone a Curve” from Happy English NY

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Have you ever been thrown a curve? If someone throws you a curve about something, it means that you were surprised in an unpleasant or negative way about something. The structure for this idiom is like this:
Throw [someone] a curve (about something)     Here are some examples

  • Angelina’s announcement that she was retiring threw the whole office a curve.
  • Bob threw Betty a curve when he broke up with her.
  • The boss threw me a curve about the new vacation policy.

Similar to this is the idiom throw someone for a loop. If someone throws you for a loop, they say or do something unexpected. While this idiom is usually used for something unpleasant or negative, but it can also be used for something positive:

The structure is [someone / something] threw [someone] for a loop. Here are some examples:

  • The boss threw me for a loop when he offered me a promotion to manager.
  • Bob threw Betty for a loop when he proposed to her.
  • The news about the earthquake certainly threw everyone for a loop.

Have you been thrown a curve recently? Has anyone thrown you for a loop? Let us know!