Happy English is Looking for #ESL Teachers who blog

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So, here is the story. I am not selling anything, but looking to build a community of ESL teachers via an online newspapter called paper.li. If you have never see paper.li, basically it updates every 12 hours and picks up twitter posts that have links and arranges those links in an online newspapter format. Here is mine: Happy English New York

Right now the paper is filled with a lot of varous content, but by the next update it will only pick up content from those on my twitter list @happyenglishny/useful-english-links. I want to keep the posts ESL focused, for fellow teachers and students alike, so I am limiting this to just content written in English.

My goal is to filter my paper.li to include English language content from YOU and any other blogging ESL teacher you may know. This costs you nothing and I am doing all the work. Get published for free! Please reply with your twitter ID and blog url. Also, feel free to pass this message to any blogging ESL teacher you think would be interested.