Idiom Lesson “Call it a day” From Happy English NY!

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Sometimes you’ll work hard on a project, and even though it’s not finished, you are finished working on it for the day. You plan to continue working another time. In this case, you can “call it a day.” How do we use this idiom?
First of all, please use all four words exactly like this: “call it a day.” The only exception is you can change the tense of the verb “call” like this:

-We called it a day at 3:00pm
-Shall we call it a day now?

You can’t change the pronoun “it” – this idiom is a fixed expression. In general, we would make a statement about our work and then after that we will use “call it a day.” Here are some more examples:

-We’ve repainted 3 rooms so far. Let’s call it a day and do the rest tomorrow.
-The construction workers always call it a day around 4pm.
-This was a long meeting. Let’s call it a day and go have lunch.

What time will you call it a day today?



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  1. “It’s five o’click now.”
    “Let’s call it a day!”

    I can use this when I finish or break something, right?

    I will use it at work tomorrow.Thank you!

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