Idiom Lesson “For the birds” From Happy English New York!

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English Idiom: For the birds. If something is “for the birds, then it is uninteresting, dull, or stupid. The structure is [something] is for the birds.

– That movie was for the birds, don’t bother seeing it.
– Yeah, I read that book. It was for the birds.
– The carnival had an attraction called “The Snake-man,” but it was for the birds.

Be careful! I sometimes hear students use this idiom incorrectly like this:
“That movie was for the birds for me” or “That movie was for the birds to me.”
We do not need to mention ourself like that. It sounds funny. If you say something is for the birds, we know how you feel!

Have you see a movie read a book, or gone to an attraction recently that was for the birds?



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