PSYCHED – An American Idiom Lesson

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PSYCHED What does it means when someone says, “I’m psyched!” Well, when you are psyched, you are looking forward to doing something and you are really excited about it. You can say that you are psyched about (doing) something or psyched to do something. psyched about [noun]: I’m psyched about the party tomorrow. It’s going to be great! psyched about …

To Be SPENT – An American Idiom Lesson

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To Be SPENT When you are spent, you are exhausted. You can be physically spent or mentally spent. I’ve been studying for 4 hours. I’m totally spent. After working in the garden all day I was spent. How about you? When was the last time you were spent? Leave a comment below and let us know!

SNOWED UNDER – An American Idiom Lesson

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SNOWED UNDER When you are snowed under, you have a lot of work to do. In fact, snowed under gives us the idea that it’s more work than you can handle. Students are snowed under with studying for final exams. We have a big project to finish this month at the office and I am snowed under with work! How …

YouTube English Lesson – Career vs. Korea Pronunciation

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Here is another YouTube English lesson for you! A lot of English learners have asked me about the difference in pronunciation of CAREER and KOREA. That’s a great topic and so I’ve put together this video lesson to help you learn this natural, American English pronunciation. Keep in mind, pronunciation is 50% doing and 50% listening, so be sure to …