44 – Cloth, Clothes, & Wear – Confusing English Vocabulary Lesson

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44 - Cloth, Clothes, & Wear - Confusing English Vocabulary Lesson

She has nice clothes.

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Cloth, clothes, and wear are three nouns that are often confused and/or mispronounced in English. For today’s English lesson, let’s look at the meaning of these three words. I’m going to show you how they are used, and the proper pronunciation. I hope you like it.

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Comments 2

  1. 1. “Cloth” is a countable noun, while “clothes” is an uncountable noun. “Clothes” is not the plural form of “cloth”.
    2. “Wear” is only used with some kind of modifier or discribing word before it. “Wear” never used alone as a noun. “Clothes” can be used alone.

    It’s hard to pronounce “cloths”, the plural form of “cloth”…

    1. Thanks Ryo. Yes..”cloths” is a tough word to pronounce, even for native speakers. I think we would tend to not stress the “th” so it may be pronounced more like “closs” than “cloths”

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