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The TH sound is troublesome for a lot of English learners, but mispronouncing this basic English sound can lead to miscommunication in English. Today, I’m going to show you how to pronounce the TH sound and give you some example phrases and sentence you can use to practice!
Here are the example sentences. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or the check the transcript for the details:


Other than that
Mother and father
That’s right!
He’s my other brother.
Don’t bother the other guy.
Thirty-third and third.
I think that’s right.


I thank my three brothers.
My birthday is on Thursday April third.
These three teeth hurt in my mouth.
They went with their mother to the theater.
I took a bath.
I think it’s on thirty-third street.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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  1. Hi Michael,

    The pizza shop is on the corner of 33rd Street and 3rd Avenue in NYC. On the third floor, there is a theater ticket office.

    I got my tongue twisted…

  2. Hello Vadim, Thanks for your comment, but unfortunately, you’ve misheard what I said, which is a key point to this lesson. I said, “sank” is the past tense of the verb “sink.” Many English learners confuse the TH and S sounds both in listening and speaking. So, I hear a lot people say, “Sank you” instead of Thank you.
    By the way, you are quite correct. The past of think is thought. I hope that clears things up for you. Thanks for asking!

  3. English has many sounds that do not exist in other languages, so such pronunciation problems happen and the specific problems happen when a sound exists in English but not your native language. For example, a lot of English learners from different countries have trouble with the TH sound. German, French, Japanese are three language speakers that have trouble with Th that come to mind now.

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