30 – Phrasal Verb Turn Up – English Lesson

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They like to turn it up!

They like to turn it up!

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The phrasal verb turn up has a few different meanings and uses. Let’s learn this useful English vocabulary in today’s lesson.

Here are the example sentences

We use turn up to mean increase the volume or level. The opposite of turn up is turn down. Anything that has an up/down adjustment can be turned up or turned down.

  • Turn up the radio. I love this song.
  • Can you turn up the heat? It’s a little cold in here
  • If you turn up the gas on the stove, the water will boil faster.
  • I asked him twice to turn down the air conditioner, but it’s still cold in this room.

Turn up is also used to mean to arrive.

  • Brad turned up late for work and the boss was really angry.
  • I hope Jenny will come to the party. Everyone will be happy if she turns up.
  • I waited for Jack for over an hour, but he never turned up. I wonder what happened.

Lastly, turn upcan be used to mean “discover” or “result in” or “is found”

  • The police investigation turned up new clues about the murder.
  • I hope my lost wallet turns up at the reception desk.
  • Don’t worry about your cat. I am sure she will turn up soon.
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What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb + preposition that we use as an idiom. Some examples are: call off, calm down, drag on, drop off, figure out, fill out, give in, hang out, kick off, look into, make up, pick up, put off, run into, show up, take off, think up, try on, turn on, work out, etc… ut, etc…

Why learn phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday, conversational English. It is more natural to say, “Please put out your cigarette,” than “Please extinguish your cigarette.” I encourage you to study the lessons in this book, and begin using these phrasal verbs in your conversations. You will sound more natural when you do so.

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