27 – S vs SH Pronunciation in English Lesson

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S & Sh can be tricky to pronounce correctly in English. For today’s English lesson, let’s have a look at the difference between these two sounds and practice some words and sentences featuring them!

Here are the example sentences

Look at these pairs of words:

  • see – she
  • sue – shoe
  • save – shave
  • sit – shit

Sentence practice [ /s/ (ess) ]

  • I see seven swans.
  • Sue said Sam was sick.
  • Steve saves stamps and coins.
  • Can I sit here? Can someone sit here?

Sentence practice[ /ʃ/ (sh) ]

  • She should shake it.
  • We shop for shoes and shirts
  • Should Tosh shave his mustache?
  • Shelly should clean the shed.

Sentence practice [both sounds]

  • Sue shops for Sam’s shoes.
  • Steve should see the shimmering scene.
  • Steve shall sell his stamps to buy shoes.
  • She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

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