23 – Pig Out & Bring Home The Bacon – Idiom Lesson

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Pig Out & Bring Home the Bacon are two piggy idioms in English. For today’s English lesson, let’s have a look at these to interesting and porkish English phrases.

Here are the example sentences

Pig out is a verb, and it means to eat excessively, or eat a lot more that usual.

  1. I pigged out at the barbecue yesterday.
  2. Jack said he pigged out when he had dinner at the buffet restaurant.

When you want to talk about the food that you ate excessively, you can use pig out on, like this:

  1. I pigged out on hot dogs at the barbecue
  2. Jenny said she pigged out on potato chips while she was watching the soccer game.

When you want to talk about earning money to support a family, you can use bring home the bacon.

  1. Jack takes care of the baby and his wife brings home the bacon.
  2. Since I bring home the bacon, I make the financial decisions in my house.
Here are the answers to yesterday’s listening challenge questions
  1. Michael’s dog Happy is usually active during the day.
  2. The period of time between about 12:00am and 3:00am is called the middle of the night.
Here are today’s listening challenge questions
  1. In Jack’s house, who supports the family? What does the other spouse do?
  2. What did Michael pig out on (2 things)?

Please feel free to write your answers in the comment box below.

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