22 – Time Phrases & Prepositions – English Grammar Lesson

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Happy is usually sleeping in the middle of the night.

Happy is usually sleeping in the middle of the night.

There are some set phrases we use to talk about time – In the morning, At night, In the middle of the night, and more. Today, let’s look at these and some other grammar used to talk about time and the parts of the day. Learning and using these phrases can help your English conversation more natural sounding.

Here are today’s listening challenge question from this episode:

  1. When is Michael’s dog, Happy usually active?
  2. What do we call the period of time between about 12:00am and 3:00am?

Now, here is the answer to the listening challenge question from Episode 21. Did you get the answers right?

  1. Michael had a problem with his neighbor. The neighbor borrows his tools and then it takes too long for him to return them.
  2. According to the examples in the lesson, you borrow books at a library, and a library lends books?

Please feel free to write your answers to this episode’s question in the comment box below.

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