21 – Borrow vs Lend – Confusing English Words

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21 - Borrow vs Lend - Confusing English Words

She borrowed my sunglasses.

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Borrow and Lend are two confusing verbs in English…until now! In this English lesson you will learn the difference between Borrow and Lend, and how to use these verbs in your English conversation.
Here are today’s listening challenge question from this episode:

  1. Michael talked about a problem with a person. Who is that person and what is the problem?
  2. According to the examples in the lesson, what do you do at a library, and what does a library do?

Now, here is the answer to the listening challenge question from Episode 20. Did you get the answers right?

  1. An International pro luck party is a party where each guest is asked to bring a dish that is common to their country
  2. Frozen pizza is ready to eat when the cheese starts to bubble

Please feel free to write your answers to this episode’s question in the comment box below.

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