365 American English Idioms
eBook & Paperback


  • The EXPLANATION of each idiom.
  • The STRUCTURE showing HOW TO USE the idiom.
  • An EXAMPLE sentence to see how the idiom is used in context.
Why buy this book?
  • It’s designed for self-study.
  • This book was written by an English teacher with over 20 years experience.
  • It’s an eBook, so you just need to download it and keep a copy on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • It’s got a paperback version.
  • The audio version has my own audio lessons.
  • It can help you prepare for TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS exams.
What is an idiom?

An idiom is a word or set of words that have a different meaning than the usual & literal meaning of those words. For example, let’s look at the idiom, “a piece of cake.” The literal meaning of “a piece of cake” is “one section or part of a whole cake.” However, as an idiom, we use “a piece of cake” to mean, “something that is very easy to do.” For example, Jack has been building and repairing computers for a long time. For him, repairing a computer is a piece of cake.

Why learn idioms?

Idioms are commonly used in everyday, conversational English. It is more natural to say, “That job was a piece of cake,” than “That job was rather easy for me.” I encourage you to study the lessons in this book, and begin using these idioms in your conversations. You will sound more natural when you do so.