77 – L vs. R Pronunciation – English Pronunciation Lesson

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L & R can seem similar, so the pronunciation is a bit difficult for a lot of English learners. For today’s English pronunciation lesson, I am going to show you how to pronounce L & R, which will help make your English sound more natural.

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Here are the example sentences:

This is the story of Lucky Larry
When Lucky Larry lived in Aurora Colorado, he loved to ride the range. He regularly left early in the morning and rode until he saw the lovely lake on his land. Larry then required his horse, Lady, to wait while he ran into the lake and did several laps. Luckily, the weather is rarely rainy in Aurora. So Larry could ride Lady every morning. Lucky Larry!

The “L” Sound:

  • light, left, last, love, list, late.

Here are some sentences with the “L” Sound:

  • Lucy likes lemonade.
  • Larry left his lamp near the lake.
  • Lucky Louie loves Lisa.

The “R” Sound:

  • Right, red, rich, read, rice, run.

Here are some sentences with the “R” Sound:

  • Rich runs near the river.
  • Rita ran out of rice.
  • Rob reads reports before running.

Next, let’s look at some words with L & R at the beginning.

  • Light Right.
  • Led, red.
  • Lamp, ramp.
  • Lice, rice.

Be careful!

  • I like rice.
  • I like lice.
Yesterday’s listening challenge answer:
  • Jack thinks his boss’s wife is beautiful
  • We can’t say, “Jane’s cat is so pretty” because we don’t use “pretty” for animals. Maybe Jane’s cat is cute!
Today’s listening challenge:
  • What does Lucky Larry like to do in the Lake?

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