664 – Idioms With Animals

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This afternoon I was taking a cat nap, and I had a dream that I was in the doghouse with the boss. In the dream, the boss was yelling at me to get my ducks in a row and even though I’m very organized I just clammed up. Nevertheless, when I woke up, it was hard to get back to work because I had ants in my pants. Let’s study together.

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    • I have ants in my pants and I can’t focus on my work because I’ve been waiting for the reply from my boss about my vacation request.
    • Sarah has ants in her pants because she’s excited to go on vacation next week.
    • Ted’s got ants in his pants because he’s nervous about the presentation tomorrow.
    • ‘m going to take a cat nap before my next meeting because I didn’t sleep well last night.
    • Kim likes to take a quick cat nap after lunch, because she says it makes her more productive.
    • I just took a cat nap, so I feel a bit more refreshed.
    • We need to have our ducks in a row regarding our marketing plan before the meeting starts.
    • The office manager always has her ducks in a row. I guess that’s why everything runs smoothly in the office.
    • The project was successful because we had our ducks in a row and planned everything out in advance.
    • At the party, Frank clammed up when I asked him about his job. I wonder if he’s a gangster.
    • When the police arrived, the suspect clammed up.
    • I tried to get her to talk about her interests, but she clammed up and didn’t say much.
  • Kenny forgot his anniversary and now he’s in the dog house with his wife.
  • Jack’s been in the dog house with his boss ever since he missed the deadline.
  • Will Smith was in the dog house when he slapped Chris Rock in the face last year.

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