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Did you know that you can be in with a good group or be in for an event? Fashion or music can be in and your exam results can also be in. Are you in for learning English today? If so, you are in for a good time. Let’s study together.

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  • Wendy is in her office working on the new project.
  • The Smith’s  are in Italy for their vacation this week.
  • I’ll be in Tokyo for four days. I hope we can get together then.
  • Is Sarah in today? I need to ask her about the report she’s working on.
  • When the boss is in, everyone seems to be more focused and productive.
  • Because of the storm, we weren’t sure if the professor would be in today, but she made it.
  • High-waisted jeans are in this season, and everyone is wearing them.
  • Because of the shift to remote working, online team-building activities are in these days.
  • Are you in for the company’s charity marathon next month?
  • Listen, i f you decide to go to the bar after work, just let me know. I’m in!
  • It looks like all of us are in for the meeting tomorrow. It should be interesting. 
  • Finally, the exam results are in, and I passed everything this semester!
  • According to the boss, the latest sales figures are in, and they exceeded our expectations.
  • We shouldn’t do anything about selling that property until the real estate report for this quarter is in.
  • If you don’t finish your project on time, you’ll be in for a long conversation with your manager about time management.
  • With the heavy storm approaching, we‘re in for a very wet and windy weekend.
  • Francis is in for a surprise when she finds out that her colleagues have planned a surprise party for her birthday.
  • Tommy managed to secure a promotion because he was in with the company’s executives.
  • Donna’s sister is in with the local artists in her town, so she’s always invited to exclusive events and gallery openings.
  • It seems that George is in with the popular crowd at school, so he knows all the latest trends and gossip.

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