654 – Use To, Used To, Be Used To



I used to live there, but I never used to like it there. I mean, I didn’t used to like it. Did you use to have trouble with this grammar? Are you used to it now? Let’s study together
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  • Tommy used to live in New York, but now he lives in L.A.
  • My friend Paul used to be a a bus driver before he retired. 
  • I didn’t used to like olives, but I eat them now (or) I never used to like olives, but I eat them now. 
  • I didn’t used to enjoy learning about history,  but I’m into it these days (or) I never used to enjoy learning about history,  but I’m into it these days.
  • Did Tommy use to live with his parents?
  • Did Paul use to enjoy being a bus driver?
  • George used to work for the NY Yankees becomes George use-to work for the NY Yankees.
  • Jerry used to live in New York becomes Jerry use-to live in New York.
  • When I first moved to New York City, the subway was confusing. But after a few weeks, it’s easy for me. I am used to the subway now.
  • Nick just got a job last month but he is already used to the work.
  • At first, I felt the city was very noisy, but now I’m used to living here.

Nick got a new job last month but he is used to working there.

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