650 – Phrasal Verbs With Bring

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Here’s something I want to bring up today . You can bring up a topic, bring in an expert, bring out a new product, bring about change, bring forward a meeting, and even bring back a book to the library. Yep, today’s lesson is all about bring. Let’s study together.

Here are the example sentences from this episode. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or join my Podcast Learner’s Group for the transcript, live group lessons, and more.

  • Can we bring up the budget at the next team meeting?
  • My boss brought up the idea of hiring more staff during the weekly meeting.
  • Listen, Kate is still upset about the trouble she had last week, so if I were you, I wouldn’t bring it up.
  • The factory is bringing in some new technology in order to improve production.
  • We’ve decided to bring in an outside consultant to help us with online marketing.
  • The university is bringing in a number of new professors in order to expand their course offerings.
  • I brought out this podcast in 2014  and I brought out my weekly English learning newsletter almost 1 year ago.
  • Apple brings out a new version of their iPhone just about every year.
  • Tommy’s company is going to bring out the latest edition of their annual catalog next month.
  • The detective brought out evidence that helped solve the case.
  • The teacher brought out a map to show the class where the country is located.
  • At the restaurant last night, the chef brought out an amazing dessert, which ended the meal on a sweet note.
  • The new design of the website brings out the simplicity and elegance of the company’s brand.
  • The accessories she wore really brought out the beauty of her dress.
  • The lighting brings out the details of the painting, making it look stunning.
  • The new law will bring about significant changes in the finance industry.
  • The project’s success brought about a promotion for the team leader.
  • The strike brought about a compromise between management and the union.
  • We had to bring forward the meeting due to a scheduling conflict.
  • I’m sorry, I can’t make the original time. Can we bring our appointment forward?
  • Everyone in the office was in a panic because the boss decided to bring forward the deadline for the project.
  • At the library, you can borrow up to four books on the same topic, but you need to bring them back within 2 weeks.
  • Can you do me a favor and bring back the files I left in the conference room?
  • After the meeting today,  Jack is going to bring the clients back to their office
  • According to the latest fashion news it seems like they’re trying to bring back bell bottom  eans.
  • The new management is trying a number of ways to bring back the company’s success of the past.

I wish the diner would bring back their all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.  That was awesome.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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