649 – 8 Idioms With CATCH

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Did you know that you can catch a cold, catch a break, or catch your breath. You can even catch a snooze, catch some Zs, or catch heat. I hope this podcast catches your eye. Let’s study together.

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  • I think I caught a cold from my coworker. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately.
  • I got stuck walking in the rain. I hope I don’t catch a cold. I have an important meeting tomorrow.
  • A guy in my office had a cold and now I caught a cold. I probably caught it from him.
  • I’ve been working hard for months, and finally, I caught a break. I got the promotion I wanted.
  • I’m so glad I caught a break and found a parking spot right in front of the store.
  • Jenny has been trying to find a job for months, but she hasn’t been able to catch a break. I hope she finds something soon!
  • I’m feeling a little tired, I think I’ll catch a snooze before I start cooking dinner.
  • I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m planning to catch a snooze on the sofa.
  • You look tired. Why don’t you catch a snooze in the break room.
  • I caught some Zs on the train on the way home from work last night.
  • I think I’m gonna catch a couple of Zs before my next zoom meeting.
  • I tried catching a couple of Zs on my flight, but I couldn’t get comfortable.
  • I just ran up the stairs. Give me a minute to catch my breath.
  • I was so shocked by the news of the company lay-offs,  I needed to step outside and catch my breath.
  • I was so nervous before my presentation, I went outside, sat on a bench, and caught my breath before starting.
  • The curtains in the theater caught fire, and the fire department rushed to put it out. 
  • Be careful with a campfire. If it goes out of control, there are a lot of things that can catch fire.
  • I spilled oil when I was cooking dinner, and the stove almost caught fire.
  • Jack caught heat from the boss for being late to the meeting.
  • I heard that John caught heat from his wife for coming home late.
  • You’ll catch heat from your parents if you don’t pass your college courses with good grades.
  • I caught the waiter’s eye, and he came over to take my order.
  • I saw a really nice suit in the store window, and it caught my eye.

I was trying to get the teacher’s attention, but she was busy. Then I finally caught her eye, and she came over to me.

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