644 – So What, Who Cares, and Whatever

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A: Did you know that Kate is dating one of her coworkers now?
B: So what! We broke up last summer.
A: Don’t you want to know who it is?
B: Who cares
A: But she’s your ex-girlfriend
B: Whatever.

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A: Did you know that Kate is dating one of her coworkers now?
B: So what! We broke up last summer. She can date whoever she wants.

C: Just to let you know, they canceled the party tomorrow night.
D: So what! I have to work late, so I wouldn’t have been able to go anyway.

A: Check this out. Kim and her husband bought a new car.
B: Who cares! They’re always wasting their money on buying new things that they don’t need.

C: You should go into the kitchen. Joe is showing everyone photos of his trip to Monaco. 
D: Oh, who cares! I’m tired of that guy always showing off his luxury lifestyle

A: Tom said he was going to help me paint the house, and just now he called to say he can’t do it.
B: I heard he’s busy at work.
A: Whatever. That guy is so unreliable.

C: Sorry I forgot about your birthday.
D: Whatever.
C: Let me make it up to you.
D: Whatever.
C: How about I take you out to dinner this weekend.
D: Whatever.

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