634 – Phrasal Verbs With BY

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Did you know that drop by, pop by or even stop by! Time can creep by or fly by, and you can learn by your mistakes. This podcast English lesson is all about by! Let’s study together.

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  • I’ll be home all day tomorrow so you can drop by anytime.
  • I popped by the bagel store this morning on my way to work.
  • Tommy stopped by the office this afternoon while you were out.
  • Most meetings that we have with the company president are so boring that they just creep by
  • It’s already October!  This year is really flying by.
  • I can usually learn better by doing, so let me give it a try.
  • Naoko told me that she learns English by using flashcards.
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes because you can always learn by them.
  • These days a lot of people like to pay by using their smartphone.
  • In my mother’s generation many people paid their bills by check
  • In some restaurants downtown you can only pay by credit card.
  • We need to run the meeting schedule by the boss before we email it to everyone.
  • I have a few new ideas about the website.  Can I run them by you
  • Hey, thank you for letting me run this by you. I really appreciate your feedback.

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