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Did you know that something can be as easy as pie or a piece of cake? Your idea can be half-baked or pie in the sky. Oh don’t worry. I’m not trying to sweet talk you. Let’s study together.

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  • I’ve never tried rock climbing before, but my friend Eddie says that it as easy as pie.
  • Learning how to type was as easy as pie.
  • I can help set up your new computer. It’s a piece of cake!
  • Online shopping is a piece of cake these days.
  • Tommy said that he was thinking of biking from New York to Boston next month, but that sounds like a half-baked idea to me.
  • George told me that he bought an old farmhouse in the countryside and he has some half-baked plan to turn it into a hotel.
  • Paul has this pie in the sky idea to open up a restaurant, but he really doesn’t even know how to cook.
  • Are you still thinking about asking that girl for a date? That’s a pie-in-the-sky. She likes rich guys who drive Lamborghinis, not guys like you who work at McDonalds.
  • Thank you for the compliment, but there’s no way that you are going to sweet-talk me into going to a dance club tonight – I don’t dance.
  • No matter how much you try to sweet-talk the boss, he’s not going to give you a day off next week.

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