616 – Phrasal Verbs With CUT

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Did you know that you can cut across a parking lot, cut down on smoking, or cut out drinking coffee? You have seen someone cut into a conversation, cut off the top of a carrot, or cut out of the office early. Let’s study together.

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  • The Mississippi River cuts across 10 states.
  • We can save a little time if we cut across these two parking lots.
  • I know I drink a lot of coffee. My doctor told me I should cut down.
  • You’ll actually be a lot happier in life if you cut back on using social media
  • After recovering from his illness, Tommy’s father cut out smoking and drinking. He looks really healthy now.
  • In New York City, if you bring your lunch from home and cut out buying lunch at the deli, you can save around $200 a month.
  • There were a lot of people waiting on line to enter the theater and as soon as they open the door a group of teenagers suddenly cut in.
  • Jack was really upset at the meeting today because every time he gave a suggestion the boss cut in and dismissed his idea.
  • Before cooking the carrots, you should cut off the ends.
  • I need to cut off about two centimeters of this shelf, so that it will fit in the closet.
  • I need to cut out of work early tomorrow because I have a doctor appointment at 5 o’clock.
  • Is it really 11 PM? Wow! Time flies when you’re having a good time, but I think I should cut out.
  • Now that I have cut off this branch from the tree, I’m going to cut it up and use it to make a campfire.
  • My mom spent the afternoon making a pot of soup and most of her time was spent cutting up the vegetables.
  • If the flavor of that tea is too strong, you can cut it with milk or sugar.
  • That whiskey is nice but, it really needs to be cut with some ice cubes and club soda.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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