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I always find it interesting how English vocabulary can be used in a variety of ways and no pun intended, this lesson is a good example of that . Let’s have a look at 8 different phrases that have the word WAY in them.

Here are the example sentences from this episode. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or join my Podcast Learner’s Group for the transcript, live group lessons, and more.

  • I will be on my way home in a few minutes.
  • Jack said that he is on his way and he’ll be here by 10 o’clock.
  • I got a notification from Amazon this morning that my order is on the way.
  • According to the weather forecast a hurricane is on the way.
  • Yes, I agree. This is a very long line to enter the bank. By the way, your shoelace is untied.
  • Well, if there are no other questions. Then I guess we can end the meeting here. Oh and by the way, we are expecting a new copy machine to be delivered tomorrow morning.
  • The teacher has a way with His explanations are always very clear.
  • Jenny has a way with Dogs and cats always seem to love her.
  • I think that, in a way, pizza is healthier then other fast food. For example,
  • In some ways, Jack is a good boss, but he is often not very flexible.
  • The tall man that sat in front of me at the concert was totally in the way. I couldn’t see the stage.
  • I couldn’t turn down the street I wanted to go on because a truck was in the way.
  • Tommy: I just heard that the boss is not going to be giving out any summer bonuses.
    • Jack: No way! I was going to use that money for my summer vacation next month.
  • Tommy: Did you know that Frank’s pizza shop on Main Street closed?
    • Jack: No way! I just had lunch there last week.
  • I’ve known Eddie since we were in junior high school. We go way back.
  • Way back when, before there were computers, we listen to music on records.

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