471 – Believe vs. Trust

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It all happened this morning with one of my students online. She asked me what the difference was between believe and trust. Wow. Believe and trust. What is the difference? I really never thought about that before and I think trying to come up with the answer made my brain work so hard that there was smoke coming out of my ears. But after all of that steam had a lot of thinking in concentration here’s what I came up with. I hope you like it!

Here are the example sentences. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or check the transcript for the details:

  • Even though my car runs very well, I don’t like to take the car on a long trip, because I don’t trust my car to make it to a faraway destination. I just don’t trust my car.
  • On the other hand I could say that I believe my friend Jack or I trust my friend Jack.
  • If I ask Jack to pick me up from the airport, and he agrees to do that, I don’t have to worry about it because I trust. Jack is a reliable and dependable person, so I can trust him.
  • If a friend of yours said that they saw a movie star like Tom Hanks in Starbucks that morning, you might say I don’t believe you.
  • If one of your friends said that he was having a really difficult time using XL, you might think, I believe her. XL is difficult for me to.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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