464 – Using Fewer and Less – English Grammar Lesson

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Fewer is the comparative form of few and less is the comparative form of little. For today’s English lesson, let’s check out the difference between these two words and see how we can use them in everyday English.

Here are the example sentences. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or check the transcript for the details:

  • There were fewer people at the concert than I expected.
  • Because of the holiday there were fewer cars on the highway this morning.
  • There are fewer jobs in the retail industry these days because of new technology.
  • No fewer than 100 people demonstrated in front of city hall.
  • We need no fewer than 5 people to lift that table. It’s huge.
  • That shop has no fewer than 5000 brands of wine and beer.
  • There was a lot less snow than the forecast predicted.
  • There is less interest in that TV program than the producers estimated.
  • My vacation cost a lot less money than I budgeted for.
  • Less than 100 people demonstrated in front of city hall.
  • That chili sauce is really spicy, so I added less than one teaspoon to my pasta.
  • Not many kids came to the house for Halloween. I’d say it was less than 5.
  • Fewer of my friends drink as much beer as they used to.
  • These days I spend less of my time working and more of my time relaxing.
  • Most of the students in this class passed the exam so fewer of you will need to take the make up exam than I had originally planned for.
  • This new sauce is spicier than the original type, so you should use less of it than you usually use.
  • You’ll have less problems if you stop smoking.
  • There were less people at this year’s holiday party than there were last year.
  • I had less opportunities to play golf last summer than I wanted to.
  • These days I play tennis less than I used to.
  • Ever since Jack got a new job, he is complaining a lot less than he used to.
  • My doctor told me to cut down on coffee, so these days I drink less than before.

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