449 – Using Make Part 3 – Phrasal Verbs & Idioms

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Today is the second in a three part series of podcasts focusing on make. As I mentioned in Episode 447, make is one of those interesting words in English because it has a number of different meanings and uses. In this episode, we’ll look at some common phrases and collocations using make. In the next episode, we’ll look at some Phrasal verbs and idioms that use make.

Here are the example sentences. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or check the transcript for the details:

  • Dad got laid off, so we will have to make do with mom’s salary.
  • The copy machine is broken and the technician can’t come until tomorrow. We’ll have to make do somehow today.
  • We didn’t realize so many people would come to the party, but we made do with the food and drinks we prepared.
  • I made for the door when my ex-girlfriend showed up at the party.
  • The boss is coming. You’d better stop talking and make for your desk.
  • When the heavy rain didn’t stop, we made for higher ground.
  • Putting whipped cream on this ice cream makes for a perfect dessert.
  • Mutual respect and cooperation make for a good friendship.
  • Having a diverse group of people at the party made for some very interesting conversation.
  • I tried out for the tennis team. I hope I can make it.
  • Bob tried to interview for a management job, but he didn’t make it.
  • Tommy made it into Harvard University because he is a good student.
  • We’re having a party tomorrow, can you make it?
  • We made it to the train station just in time for our flight.
  • It started to rain during our hike, but some how we made it to the shelter.
  • Someone broke into the office and made off with two laptop computers.
  • The bank robber made off with a lot of cash.
  • I forgot to close the garage door and somebody made off with my tool box.
  • I heard you had a job interview yesterday. How did you make out?
  • How did you make out with your meeting with that new customer?
  • I heard Jack made out well on his business trip to Prague.
  • That sign is too far away so I can’t make out what it says.
  • Can you make out any of the people in this old photograph?
  • The speaker at the meeting was talking too quickly and quietly so it was hard to make out what he was talking about.
  • When Tom made out his will, he decided to leave half of his money to charity.
  • I asked the repair shop to make out an invoice for me.
  • At this shop you can pay by cash or make out a check.
  • There are many young couples making out in the park.
  • Jimmy’s mom caught him making out with his girlfriend in the living room.
  • In some countries it’s illegal to make out in public.
  • After several days of arguing, the couple finally made up.
  • You boys should stop fighting and make up.
  • Kate said that she would never make up with her ex-husband.
  • International sales make up 30% of this company’s revenue.
  • Don’t drink cola. It’s made up of too much sugar.
  • That novel is made up of too many subplots for me. It’s really hard to understand.
  • David is a creative musician and he makes up new songs almost every day.
  • My mom made up a new way to make lasagna.
  • Children often make up story lines and characters when they play.
  • Louis made up his mind about his job. It seems like he’s going to quit.
  • I made up my mind to start exercising more.
  • You have been looking at the menu for 15 minutes. Please hurry up and make up your mind so we can order. I’m hungry!
  • During a snowstorm we need to make way for the snowplow.
  • Make way! The pizza delivery guy is here.
  • At the accident scene we needed to make way for the police and emergency vehicles

If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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