367 – Solve vs Resolve

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367 - Solve vs Resolve

They decided that the best way to solve the problem was to remove the old fire escape.

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A lot of listeners have asked me about the difference between solve and resolve. For today’s English lesson, let’s check out how we usually use these two verbs.

Here are the example sentences. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or check the transcript for the details:

  • Jenny is good with numbers, so she can solve a math problem quickly.
  • My mom is good at solving crossword puzzles.
  • After ten years, the police finally solved the mystery about who killed the millionaire.
  • After several years of arguing over the property border line, the two neighbors resolved the issue by agreeing on the decision of an architect.
  • There are many international conflicts that have not been resolved yet.
  • The couple resolved their differences and decided not to get a divorce.

If you know anyone who has trouble with this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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