350 – Actual & Actually

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322 - Tall vs. High

For a brief moment in time, the Chrysler building was actually taller than the Empire State building.

For today’s English lesson, let’s check out how to use actual and actually.

Here are the example sentences. To get the details of this English lesson, you need to listen to the podcast or check the transcript for the details:

  • My grandfather had an actual samurai sword from Japan.
  • The man living down my street is an actual Native American.
  • The actual number of items in a dozen is twelve.
  • Broadway is the only street in NYC that actually goes in a north-south direction.
  • Happy English is actually my own company.
  • This is the 350th podcast. There are actually 347 lessons and three interviews.
  • There are several characters in the Happy English podcast. They are actually inspired by people that I know.
  • Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple. Actually, he was one of the founders of the company.
  • The package of bagels says that it contains 8, but actually there were only 7 in the bag.
  • I work here at Happy English. I am actually the founder of the company.
  • Even though it is the year 2015, there are actually some companies that use a fax machine.
  • The boxer was so upset that he lost the match, he actually cried.

If you know anyone who has trouble with this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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