200 – Conjunction Combinations with And, Or, But, Either, & Neither

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Conjunction Combinations with And, Or, But, Either, & Neither

Neither of us thought we would finish that pizza!

Conjunction patterns with and, or, but, either, & neither. For today’s English lesson, we’re going to look at four common conjunction patterns that often get tested on English exams like TOEFL & TOEIC.

Here are the example sentences:

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Both A and B:

  • I like both chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
  • Both Greg and his wife are big Yankee fans.
  • We have a lot of time today, so we can both visit the museum and see a movie.

Either A or B:

  • You can have either ice cream or cheesecake for dessert, so please chose one.
  • Either Jack or Jim will go to the meeting next week.
  • We don’t have a lot of time today, so we can either visit the museum or see a movie.

Neither A nor B

  • You can have neither chocolate nor vanilla ice cream. We have just strawberry left.
  • Neither Greg nor his wife are hockey fans.
  • We have no free time today, so we can neither visit the museum nor see a movie.

Not only A, but also B:

  • I not only like to eat cake and cookies, but I also enjoy baking.
  • Greg and his wife are not only big Yankee fans, but they also route for the Rangers.
  • Not only is it raining, but it is also supposed to snow later tonight.

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