198 -Talking About Nostalgia & Nostalgic Memories – Vocabulary lesson

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198 -Talking About Nostalgia & Nostalgic Memories - Vocabulary lesson

This take me back to my childhood…it’s a blast from the past!

Do you feel nostalgic sometimes? Do people or things sometimes make you think about think about the past? For today’s English lesson, let’s look at three ways you can express these situations in English.
Here are the example sentences:
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~ reminds me of ~

  • This pasta reminds me of the pasta my grandmother used to make.
  • That song reminds me of my high school days.
  • The new salesman in my company reminds me of my cousin Joe.
  • Seeing the ocean from the hotel window reminds me of how much I love the sea.

~ takes me back to~

  • This pasta takes me back to my grandmother’s house when I was a child.
  • That song takes me back to the time I was in high school.
  • Jack said seeing that movie takes him back to when he first got married.
  • Seeing the ocean from the hotel window takes me back to my childhood. I used to always go to the beach with my grandfather.

~ is a blast from the past

  • Seeing my old high school friends at the reunion was a blast from the past.
  • Visiting my childhood town was a real blast from the past.
  • Listen to that song by the Beatles. That’s a blast from the past.

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