195 – Cold Weather Idioms & Vocabulary – English Vocabulary Lesson

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195 - Cold Weather Idioms & Vocabulary - English Vocabulary Lesson

It’s freezing out there!

Do you like cold weather? Are you a fan of the winter? For today’s English lesson, let’s look at some idioms and vocabulary related to the cold.

Here are the example sentences:

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  • Jack Frost is outside.
  • Old Man Winter came for a visit.
  • It’s 32 degrees but the wind chill factor is 20. It feels like 20 degrees because of the wind.
  • The snow is starting to stick.
  • It’s snowing, and the snow is sticking.
  • The snow isn’t sticking.
  • It’s snowing, but the snow’s not sticking.
  • The snow is starting to accumulate (or) The snow is starting to pile up.
  • The snow is accumulating (or) The snow is piling up.
  • About 5 inches of snow accumulated overnight (or) About 5 inches of snow piled up overnight.
  • We are expecting an accumulation of 5 to 10 inches of snow.
  • We are expecting snow accumulation of 5 to 10 inches.

To give someone the cold shoulder:

  • When John saw his ex-girlfriend at the party with another guy, he gave them the cold shoulder.
  • Jenny gave me the cold shoulder this morning in the office. I wonder what’s wrong.

To be snowed under:

  • I’m snow under this week, so I have to work a lot of overtime to finish it.
  • At the end of a semester, most college students are snowed under with schoolwork.

To be on thin ice:

  • Jack’s girlfriend caught him having drinks with another woman last month and he is still spending time with her. He’s really on thin ice. If his girlfriend catches him again she’s going to leave him.
  • Christopher came late again today? He’s already on thin ice with the boss for having a bad sales record.

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