194 – Using OF – English Preposition Lesson

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194 - Using OF - English Preposition Lesson

It’s made of wood

What does a preposition do? How to prepositions work? Many people ask about these funny little words in English Grammar. Let’s have a look at one today. OF is a preposition with a number of different use in English. For today’s English lesson, I’m going to show you these differences and also how you can use of when you speak and write English.

Here are the example sentences:

Listen to the podcast or the check the transcript for the details

Of to show relationships between verbs that shows a mental state and their objects:

  • I think of you every day.
  • We know of many good restaurants in NYC.

Of to show relationships between verbs of change and their objects:

  • Nothing became of the meeting we had about marketing.
  • That medicine cured Rob of his cold. That medicine changed Rob’s medical condition.

Of to show belonging or the origin:

  • The symphonies of Beethoven are quite dramatic.
  • The president of the country is a powerful person in that country.

Of to show relationships between one part of a whole thing:

  • The staff of IBM receive intensive training before starting work.
  • The people of New York City are often willing to help others who are in need.

Of to show human relationships:

  • A friend of mine is getting married next week.
  • A neighbor of mine has a big dog.

Of to show material or contents:

  • This website consists of many different types of English lessons.
  • This pasta is made of the finest ingredients.

Of to show quantity:

  • I brought a bottle of wine to the party.
  • I have a special pair of shoes for golf.

Of to show physical location:

  • Jack was sitting in front of us at the theater.
  • Put that table on the right side of the sofa.
Yesterday’s listening challenge answer:
  • Jack invited Jenny to a new jazz club.

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