190 – Using Plural Nouns For Talking In General – Grammar Lesson

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190 - Using Plural Nouns For Talking In General - Grammar Lesson

Bananas are good for you!

In English, nouns can be countable or non-countable. When we talk about something in general, we either use plural, countable nouns or non-countable nouns. For today’s English lesson, let’s check out how that works

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Here are the example sentences:

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  • Jack said dogs are good pets.
  • Bananas are yellow.
  • Fruit is very good for you.
  • I like dogs.
  • I prefer apples to bananas.
  • I enjoy drinking red wine.
Yesterday’s listening challenge answer:
  • Michael’s first English lesson at Happy English was at 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning, on a very snowy day in the early winter.
Today’s listening challenge:
  • Where did Jenny go and what did she see there?

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