188 – Phrasal Verbs with Pick

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188 - Phrasal Verbs with Pick

I picked this up for dinner!

Pick is an interesting verb in English because it is used in a number of phrasal verbs, especially pick. For today’s English lesson, let’s look at how to use these phrasal verbs in English conversation and writing.

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Here are the example sentences:

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How to use pick on:

  • All of my friends picked on me when I shaved my head.
  • The boss is often picking on Jim because he’s not the smartest guy in the office.
  • When the bully was picking on Tommy in the schoolyard he punched him.

How to use pick out:

  • I picked out some flowers to put at the reception desk.
  • I picked out a nice tie to wear with my blue suit.
  • I have to go to the bakery and pick a cake out for my mom’s birthday.

How to use pick up:

  • I need to pick up my boss at the airport.
  • It’s raining! Can you pick me up from the train station?
  • I wish those kids would pick up their trash from the floor.
  • Eddie said he picked up the new Pink Floyd CD.
  • Let’s pick up some donuts on the way to the meeting.
  • Next week is Jack’s birthday we should pick up the cake.
  • Those guys went to the bar to try and pick up some women.
  • In the TV program friends Joey is always trying to pick up girls.
  • Jenny didn’t realize it but the waiter was trying to pick her up.
  • Since the company changed its marketing plan sales have picked up.
  • Paul said his luck at the casino started to pick up after midnight.
  • Replacing the carpet really picked up the atmosphere in this room.
Yesterday’s listening challenge answer:
  • It seems like the production team wasn’t making an effort.

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