187 – Collocations with MAKE – English Vocabulary Lesson

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187 - Collocations with MAKE - English Vocabulary Lesson

She’s not interested in his excuses…

Make is an interesting verb in English because it collocates with a number of different words. For today’s English lesson, let’s look at how to use these phrases with make in English conversation and writing.

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Here are the example sentences:

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How to use make noise:

  • The kids always make noise when they play in the backyard.
  • My dog happy makes noise when she’s hungry.
  • My car was making a strange noise this morning I need to have it checked.

How to use make an excuse:

  • She made an excuse about why she didn’t give me her homework.
  • Bob always makes excuses when he comes late to work.
  • Don’t try to make an excuse. I know you just forgot to call me!

How to use make the bed:

  • I always make the bed after getting up in the morning.
  • The staff at the hotel usually makes the bed in the morning.
  • If you don’t make your bed your room will look messy.

How to use make an effort:

  • I want to thank you for making an effort to fix my computer.
  • Sales are increasing because the marketing team is really making an effort.
  • The printing company made an effort to get the job done earlier.

How to use make progress:

  • Jack made a lot of progress painting his house. He’s almost finished.
  • I could make a lot more progress if the phone didn’t ring all day and interrupt me.
  • Are you making progress with your project?
Today’s listening challenge:
  • What was Michael having trouble with?

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